Custom Roller Shutters Newcastle

The best way to shut out the heat.

Custom Roller Shutters, Newcastle

We have been installing roller shutters in the Newcastle region for the past 21 years. Our manufacturers use high quality aluminum roller shutters that have been injected with polyurethane. This gives them outstanding insulation and keeps your home well protected from the heat and cold.  Regardless of the season or the weather, our roller shutters keep your home well protected.

Our custom roller shutters are fitted to the outside of your home. This makes sure they are functional, effective and secure.  Our design consultants will come to your home, measure each window, and help you choose the most functional and stylish shutters for your budget.   

Roller shutters are great at keeping out the heat during the hot summer months. This helps keep your home fresh and cool on the inside.  

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Why Roller Shutters?

Some designers even use roller shutters as an inexpensive substitute for curtains bringing an even greater emphasis on the interior look and feel.  The stylish look also helps protect your home from the harsh sun and other elements. Custom installed roller shutters help make sure you have the best lighting and ventilation of your home.   You can literally roll the shutters to any level you find convenient. Whether you want complete illumination or partial ventilation of your home, our custom roller shutters can make it happen, with ease.

Custom Installed Roller shutters

  • Great at insulating your home from heat & cold.
  • Gives a very high level of privacy.
  • Highly durable and built to withstand our tough weather conditions.
  • Available in large range of colours to complement your existing décor.
  • Fast easy installation.

Once you choose your favorite make, model and colour; our professional team will do the install work for you.  Contact us today to speak to a design consultant about installing custom roller shutters on your home. 

Areas we service

We also service the Hunter Valley, Maitland, Lake Macquarie and all the areas in between

We get lots of positive comments

They were very efficient, the process was fast. We were so impressed with the three blinds that they installed that we asked them and got the entire house done.

We really like the fact that they are now able to see out of the window but people on the outside cannot see in.

The new blinds make home look bigger and brighter – and we get lots of positive comments on how nice it makes the house look.

Lindsey & Betty Allen

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