Custom Panel Glides Newcastle

An elegant furnishing for larger doorways and window.

Panel Glide Blinds, Newcastle

Similar to our vertical blinds but with wider panels, these are ideal for rooms with large glass areas; larger windows and doorways onto your outdoor entertaining areas.

Compact, neat and tidy, the panel glide uses little space and will give you an uninterrupted view outside.

Our panel glide blinds can be created to match your Roller blinds as well as your Roman blinds and can be made to conceal or reveal as much as you want: from complete block-out through screen fabric and into translucent screens.

Sliding on frictionless rails they create a complete screen from ceiling to floor when closed. Their light weight making them very easy to handle.

When opened they effortlessly stack over each other in a discrete edge to your window giving you un-obstructed views out-side.

maxview panel glide product 1
maxview panel glide product 2

Control how much light you want coming in

Our panel glide blinds are made from 3 main materials:

Complete block out Blind fabric - ideal for bedrooms, home theatres or boardrooms when at times you might want to totally block-out the light. Cuts out heat and glare completely

Screen Blind fabric - great for general purpose rooms and living spaces where you want a more decorative impact while still have some control over privacy and light.

They will also protect your interior furnishings from the damaging impact of uv sun-rays. Also commonly used in conjunction with block-out fabrics in bedrooms.

Translucent Blind fabrics - typically used in living spaces with glorious views that you want to see yet also retain some control of the light and privacy. Available in a wide variety of fabrics depending upon the effect you want.

  • Perfect for controlling the amount of light and privacy you want in the room
  • Large range of designs, fabrics and materials to give your home a fresh new image
  • Custom made to your specific requirements
  • Fast easy installation

Areas we serve

Maxview Blinds & Shutters have installed panel glide blinds across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, the Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and many places in between.

Helping us choose exactly the right blinds for us

We had old tatty blinds and really wanted to freshen up the place; make it look nicer. I really liked the way Scott handled the whole selection process helping us choose exactly the right blinds for us.

And the added bonus was that price from Maxview was a lot better than their competitors.

Gary Chapman

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